Sunday, 14 February 2016

Grunge Valentine's Day: Love Yourself First: On

"How come a pretty girl be single?"
'Why is it a crime to be single?'
"No... Yeah, I guess. I mean I am sure there must be interested parties"
'Hmm there are, but I am not looking for anyone'
"Single by choice haa? Wow, that's such a waste of all the prettiness"
'At least I am not wasting it by dating you'

 Images by - FlawedFrames
Nose ring, Black lip color, Grunge fashion lookbook, Valentine's Day, Indian fashion blogger, Fashion Blogger, Ankita Bardhan x Shagun Ahlawat
You were saying? | Grunge fashion | Black lips | Fierce nose ring | PC - FlawedFrames

Grunge fashion, grunge lookbook, no boyfriend no problems, punk fashion, teen fashion, fashion blogger, dark lips, Indian fashion blogger, Delhi fashion blogger, Ankita Bardhan,
No boyfriend no problems | Punk fashion | Teen fashion | Fashion blogger | Delhi fashion blogger | Ankita Bardhan, | PC - FlawedFrames

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 Images - FlawedFrames
Concept, makeup and styling - Ankita Bardhan

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Ankita <3


  1. Hey!!u r strong n sexy ... U r lovable n adorable. Just stay confident happy n cool always irrespective of ur relationship status.go fierce for d life ,my punk gal.

  2. Continue writing like this....good kinda like way of writing

    1. Thank you, will surely post such write-ups regularly :)

  3. Hey ankita, you look amazing &stuning.. keep it up dat cool spirit to live life..

  4. love your make up, so stunning!!!:)

    keep in touch from Borneo, Indonesia
    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  5. Love your thoughts it is actually inspiring for many girls.. love your writing skills. Please do follow me on instagram :-) and as a photographer i would like to capture your intellegence.

    1. Thank you, will surely visit your Instagram page :)

  6. I love the pics and the writing!!!

    ❤ Johanna.

  7. You are fabulous and gorgeous and this post is so strong and powerful and important! I am totally sharing this in one of my upcoming Little Bits of Inspiration posts! This message needs to be shared!

    Thank you for stopping by my page and commenting so that I could find your fabulous page!


    1. Thank you so much Shelbee for the encouragement & support, need I say I love reading your posts :)


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