About Me

Hey there stalker, I see you wanting to know about me (no worries, even I stalk people online haha *wink wink*)! 

I am Ankita Bardhan, a 20-something stubborn girl who refuses to grow up and is a total misfit. Loves to talk & have long conversations, hates texting!

My blog is all about random dope shizz I do and think about. 

For PR requests, collaborations & shoots, feel free to drop an email at ankitabardhan@gmail.com

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P.S. I feel as a blogger, it is a huge responsibility that one must not share any tips/quick fixes that is unhealthy (no matter if I personally follow them) and if shared then readers must be warned that such tips differ in results from person to person. I will try my level best to keep up with this responsibility cos' I love you gaiz na <3

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