Sunday, 21 June 2015

He was flawed. Still he was no less than a superhero: On

She was sitting quietly in her room, crying but not making a sound. While she was crying, a fainted memory runs through her mind; a man dancing silly just to make her smile. And suddenly that teary face broke into a big smile. That man was her dad. The man who became her strength, she had no idea how, when and why. He is her superhero, will always be.

She was the girl raised by a single dad. Her mom passed away during the most crucial age of a girl, teenage. And the world knows this for a fact, bringing up a teenager girl is as tricky as justifying Miley Cyrus twerking her booty everywhere, well maybe it’s more trickier than that. (There goes my failed attempt in making a hipster statement :P) The society all of a sudden started pitying him. Asked him to get re-married for the sake of his daughter cos’ well how can a man raise a girl, right? But he didn’t give in, he took all the pain, raised her all by himself.

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