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Event: Wella Color Up Your Life Bloggers Meet, Delhi

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This post has been lying in my drafts for weeks now! I was bit caught up in festive season & fashion week madness. But hey it's better late than never, right?

This September I was invited by Wella for an interactive session with none other than Sapna Bhavnani, celebrity hair stylist. Amidst all the fun with all the bloggers & Wella crew, some hair myths were busted...oh yeah, we dragged, slayed & buried those hair myths for good!

Before I get into the business, here are some Instagram piccies that I clicked at the event. For more pictures from the event, you can head over to my Instagram - ankitabardhan

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A photo posted by Ankita (@ankitabardhan) on

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Nowadays, coloring your hair is more of a style statement, a mean to express yourself than just covering grey hair. I know almost everyone of us has thought of coloring their hair but there are a lot of concerns that make us take a step back. I know, I too am one of them!

One of the major concern is hair-fall/breakage due to coloring hair. Being a compulsive hair color/look changer, Sapna Bhavnani very well understands this concern. This is where Wella's newly launched ‘Oil Infuso Color Service’ comes to rescue! This unique service has color infused with Wella Professionals Oil Reflections to protect hair from damage. It not only nourishes & protects, it also helps in making the hair color last longer.

Another concern is rough hair caused by coloring hair. This actually has a lot to do with your hair care regime. Instead of blaming it onto hair color, give your hair some lovin' it deserves: condition it, get regular hair spa. Yeah..I know, I know..y'all too-busy-on-weekdays-too-lazy-on-weekends people must be like "I don't have any time for that!" Well, fret not amigos! Wella again has a solution for you - Oil Reflections! Though it is named oil, but use it as a serum on your hair & say hello to smooth, conditioned & vibrant hair :)

I hope this busted some the myths related hair color, do lemme know if you have any other concern. Btw after this session with Wella, I have jotted down "Coloring my hair purple & running away to California" in my bucket list :D What do you think of the idea?

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Posing with fellow blogger, Poonam :) Just lover her :*

P.S. I have just started using Oil Reflections, will post a detailed review on it soon.

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