Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Casual Yet Electric!: On simpliannie.wordpress.com

Hiya peeps ! Just recently I meet my good friends after a long long time and it was an awesome time bonding  with them :) And they both are budding fashion designers, so the little fashion enthusiast in me was screaming out loud to show my fashion sense.:D I wanted a simple look but wanted the styling to be striking enough to make the whole look unforgettableAnd there you go, I tried a pop of bright colors...they are so much RAVE in fashion. All  these hues from green, blue, orange, red. yellow to pink, can transform you from a "Girl Next Door" to "Who's That Chick"!

Look in Close-up
To see more pictures of the outfit and to read the whole story, go to my WordPress blog, link here -  https://simpliannie.wordpress.com

Annie <3


  1. U look pretty ankita :) Please do som tutorials of eye makeup :)

  2. Great outfit! Love the heels and the eye-makeup..Already following you :)


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